Participate in a regatta to save Europe's Amazon

Copyright Arno Mohl / WWF

All citizens who have their own vessels are invited to join a regatta to show their support for preserving the rivers Danube, Drava and Mura - Europe's Amazon.

Association for nature and environment protection Green Osijek, in cooperation with WWF and other NGOs in the Mura, Drava and Danube region, invite You to join a Danube regatta for the survival of Europe’s Amazon.

When: Sunday 09th October 2011, 11 am

Where: Green Island (Zeleni otok) near Batina, Croatia

Recently, Europe’s Amazon, and the whole area of Regional Park Mura-Drava and future UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube, has been facing threats from heavy machinery. Responsible institutions have announced plans for numerous interventions in the stated area, many of which on the Danube river.

Planned works on Danube, such as rock embankments, directly endanger the survival of Kopacki Rit, wetland of international importance, protected by the Ramsar Convention.

We invite all citizens who have their own vessels to join us in this regatta. The most suitable vessels are canoes and kayaks, but it is also possible to participate with motor boats. People who are interested but do not own a vessel, can apply as soon as possible, since the number of places is limited. Food and drinks will be provided.


11.00 – Gather on the beach on Green Island (Zeleni Otok) near Batina and press conference

11.30 – Beginning of regatta

13.00 – Arrival to island Siga, short presentation on regulation plans and ecological and economical values of natural areas of the Danube; group photo of the participants

14.30 – Return to riverside with motor boats; guided walking tour and transfer to Green Island

16.00 – End of regatta

In case of heavy rain, the regatta will be cancelled; you will be timely informed about the new date!

Please confirm your participation by sending an e-mail to or phone +385 31 565 181 / +385 91 421 1423 as soon as possible due to organizational needs.

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